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    Audit on-line,28,12,2022
    Issue date: 2023-01-04      Visits: 2
    A pharmaceutical manufacture from JiangSU province audited us by video on 28th,Dec,2022.
    3 online audits last week
    Issue date: 2022-12-26      Visits: 4
    3 clients conducted an online audits of our company last weeek, in order to continue our collaboration for the coming years.
    Epidemic prevention + aranging producing
    Issue date: 2022-12-13      Visits: 3
    A video audit 19-11-2022
    Issue date: 2022-11-19      Visits: 9
    A pharmaceutical company in Hebei Province conducted a video audit of our company on 19-11-2022.
    An audit
    Issue date: 2022-11-01      Visits: 11
    A ShangHai's pharmaceutical company conducted an audit for us by video on 1st,Nov.2022
    Audit on-line
    Issue date: 2022-10-23      Visits: 12
    A pharmaceutical company conducted an audit on-line on our company on 20th,Oct.2022
    A online Audit on 28th,Sep,2022
    Issue date: 2022-10-01      Visits: 12
    On September 28, a pharmaceutical company in Jiangxi Province conducted an online audit of our company. Our company's production department, quality department and other departments cooperate with the audit team and to achieve the aim of audit.
    2 companies' Audit on line & on-site
    Issue date: 2022-09-24      Visits: 14
    On September 20 and 23, 2022, two pharmaceutical companies in Shandong conducted online audits and on-site audits to our company.
    A video audit of a pharmaceutical company for us
    Issue date: 2022-09-14      Visits: 17
    On Sep. 14, 2022, 4 people from a pharmaceutical company in Henan conducted a video audit of our company. Mr. Wang, the manager of quality department, is the leader of 4 persons.. The audit content is divided into on-site audit and document review.The relevant personnel of our company's quality ...