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R & D team

The company has been accredited as the high-tech enterprise, the Small-medium Science and Technology Enterprise of Hebei Province, the research and development institutions of industrial enterprise of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical polymer packaging material technology Innovation Center, and Shijiazhuang Enterprise Technology Center, etc.The annual expenditure of R & D accounts for more than 4.5% of the sales revenue, ensuring the smooth progress of various innovative R & D projects.

The company has set up a high-level professional R & D team, led by Dr. Wang Jiutian, Mr. Yang Jingqi and others for the technical innovation, The team focuses on both the theoretical research and production practice.Currently there are 24  technical staff, including 9  senior engineers and 6  engineers with intermediate professional titles.

Through the efforts of the team, the company were granted 32  national  intellectual property rights, including 2 inventions and 30 utility models. another  5 invention patents were under processing. In the past three years, the company participated in the formulation of one group standard and two enterprise standards, which have successfully passed the related approvals of the Center for Drug Evaluation, the National Medical Products Administration, obtained the DMF registration number of the US Drug and Food Administration (FDA), and the national industrial production license.

The company's leading products improved weak links in some key fields, such as in the fields of new materials and functional membrane materials.The company's leading products are categorized into the new product research and development field of biomedical engineering (promoting premium biomedical materials, pharmaceutical auxiliary and packaging materials) in the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries of Hebei Province.The company made breakthrough  in the application of key basic materials in the drug and food packaging industry, comprehensively promoted scientific and technological innovation, and produce new-type polymer film and bag products with germ-free, dust-free, high-safety and high-barrier properties, leads and improves the quality level of the pharmaceutical and food soft packaging industry.